To save lives, the city of Manosque is equipped with 4 defibrillators in frequented places

Located on the façade of the ’Hôtel de Ville, at the Ponsonne Stadium, at the Piscine de la Rochette and in Vannades, 4 defibrillators make it possible to intervene in case of cardiovascular discomfort.  

Why 4 defibrillators?

With this type of emergency equipment, the majority automatic, each citizen can intervene without prior training. The automatic or semi-automatic defibrillator is suitable for use by the general public in the case of cardiovascular discomfort. Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for a large number of daily deaths in France. After a malaise, the use of the defibrillator and cardiac massage ensures a 30% chance of survival without sequelae for the victim.  

Call Emergency Services

Calling for help remains a priority upon discovering an emergency situation. Do not hesitate to call 15, 18 or 112 immediately. These numbers are interconnected.  

Use a defibrillator with the Red Cross