Every year the town of Manosque welcomes newcomers at ceremonies organised in May and November.

With the Accueil des Villes association (town welcoming association), the town of Manosque organises a ceremony for the newcomers to the town, in the presence of the mayor, the town council and Manosque’s associations.  

Introductions and exchanges for the newcomers

At this ceremony, which has become a real tradition, the local heritage, services, and projects of the town of Manosque are presented. The newcomers welcoming ceremony is a time for exchange in a friendly atmosphere. It takes place in the town council’s reception room. A newcomer’s kit with various guides and a visit of the town hall are proposed to the newcomers.  

Participate in the newcomers’ welcoming ceremony

The list of new residents is sent to the town of Manosque by private supplier using address changes. If you would like to participate in the next newcomers’ welcoming ceremony, you can register at: communication@ville-manosque.fr or on 04 92 70 34 56.

Practical information

Service communication Hôtel de Ville 04100 Manosque 04 92 70 34 56 communication@ville-manosque.fr www.ville-manosque.fr