Public areas include streets, pavements, squares for the use of the general population.

Any private use of public areas is subject to a written application lodged with the Gestion du Domaine Public department.  

Authorisation for the use of private areas

The mayor authorises the use of public areas for professional, personal, associative activities, taking into consideration the applicant’s requirements, and subject to compliance with public security and traffic regulations. Certain private use of public areas may be subject to the payment of a license fee. The town council sets the applicable tariffs for each type of authorisation every year. Short or medium term use of public areas applies to:

  • parking for moving house, deliveries,
  • the mounting of banners to promote an event (associations only),
  • garage sales (associations only),

long term use applications must be lodged for:

  • café, restaurant, and bistro terraces,
  • displays by shop-keepers in front of their establishment,
  • advertising easels, stands,
  • pizza trucks, snack stands, oyster stands.

The request for authorisation for public area use can be submitted by email to or lodged at the the GDP, au 6 rue Défarges à Manosque or Addressed to the Mayor: M. le Maire, service Gestion du Domaine Public, place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 04100 Manosque. For works, contact the Centre Technique Municipal

Practical information

Service gestion du domaine public Monday to Friday: 8.30am to midday and 1.30pm to 5.00pm 04 92 70 34 40 6 Rue Defarges 04100 Manosque