The Manosque town councillors

The town council makes decisions regarding the town’s projects and activities. The 35 Manosque town councillors are elected for a period of 6 years, that is until 2020. The council is an integral of the town’s democratic activity.

Members of the majority

Mr. Bernard JEANMET PERALTA, Mayor of Manosque ● Mr. Bernard DiGUET, 1st Deputy, Police, Security and public places ● Mr. Guy MICHEL, Assistant Councillor to 1st Deputy, parking ● Mrs Valérie PEISSON, 2nd Deputy, Tourism, business relations, signage and advertising ● Mrs. Christelle TOUSSAINT, Assistant Councillor to 2nd Deputy, Trade and Craft industry ● Mr. Bruno MARTIN, 3rd Deputy, Public works, maintenance, green spaces, flower plantations and traffic ● Mr. Denis ROUSSEAU, Assistant Counsellor to 3rd Deputy, Monitoring public works, maintenance, and town cleaning ● Mr. Jacques BRES, 4th Deputy, Urban development, housing and town centre ● Mrs. Marion MAGNAN, assistant counsellor to 4th Deputy, real estate ● Mrs. Simone JAYNE BROCHERY, 5th Assistant Deputy, Social welfare, fight against social exclusion, senior citizens, gypsy travellers. ● Mrs. Agnes LHUGUET, Assistant Councillor to 5th Deputy, Intergenerational and intercultural affairs ● Mr. Ludovic PARISOT, 6th Assistant Deputy, Communication, digital strategy, reception, protocol and quality program ● Mrs. Lise RAOULT, Councillor Assistant to 6th Deputy, IT ● Mrs. Dominique ALUNNO, 7th Assistant Deputy, Youth and Sport ● Mrs. Brigitte WEISS, Assistant Councillor to the 7th Deputy, Early childhood, family policy, and accessibility ● Mrs. Josette COLOMBERO, 8th Assistant Deputy, Education and schooling ● Mrs. Clotilde BERKI, Assistant Councillor for the 8th Deputy, Out of school hour activities ● Mr. Cyrille FORESTIER, Councillor for the 8th Deputy, Higher education and universities relations ● Mrs. Emmanuelle PRADALIER, 9th Assistant Deputy, General business, elections, civil registry and management control ● Mrs. Roselyne GIAI-GIANETI, Councillor, Insurance, procurement, and public works contracts ● Mr. Gilles CARTIER, 10th Assistant Deputy, Town activities, events and the twin town program ● Mr. Sabri DERRADJI, Assistant councillor to the 10th Deputy, Associations ● Mr. Armel LE HEN Councillor, Finance ● Mr. Joël MORIN, Councillor, Patriotic ceremonies ● Mrs. Michelle BARRIERES, Councillor, Human resources ● Mr. Pascal ANTIQ, Councillor, Heritage

Opposition members
  • Mrs. Martine Carriol
  • Mrs. Stéphanie Brochus
  • Michel D’Angelo
  • Mr. Pierre-Charles D’Herbès
  • Mrs. Emilie Lauvergeon
  • Mr. Franck Parra
  • Mr. Jean-François Pellarey
  • Mr. Eric Sauvaire

Practical information

Cabinet du maire Hôtel de Ville 04100 Manosque 04 92 70 34 56