In compliance with the law, the town of Manosque has installed 13 freedom of expression boards within its territory: a total of 26m2 of display space.

Freedom to display is governed by the articles: L 581-13, R 581-2 et R 581-3 of the Code de l’Environnement. These boards are for associations or any person wishing to communicate information for non-profit reasons.

Where to find the freedom of expression boards

  • Boulevard MARTIN BRET: in front of the Félix Esclangon senior high school
  • Boulevard des TILLEULS: in the green space in the car park opposite N°20B
  • Boulevard de la PLAINE: in front of place de la Plaine
  • Boulevard ERNEST DEVAUX: at the junction with Boulevard Rougier, opposite Bellevue
  • Avenue Georges POMPIDOU: against the wall near the traffic lights
  • Rue des PONCHES: opposite the entrance to ”Les Ponches” apartments
  • Avenue P. de GARIDEL: opposite the Mr Bricolage shop
  • Parc de DROUILLE: in front of the upper entrance to the park
  • Collège Jean GIONO: in front of the entrance to the junior high school
  • Collège du MONT D’OR: at the entrance to the sports facility of the junior high school
  • Lycée des ISCLES : in front of the entrance to the senior high school
  • L’OLIVETTE roundabout: opposite the service station, next to the hotel
  • Avenue Jean Giono : in front the “les Heures Claires” building


Practical information

Service gestion du domaine public Monday to Friday: 8.30am to midday and 1.30pm to 5.00pm. 04 92 70 34 40 Rue Defarges 04100 Manosque