After deliberation by the town council on the 28th of May 2015, and in compliance with regulations, the town of Manosque undertakes to make local public data accessible.

In 2016 the town of Manosque launches its project to make public data accessible, in association with the regional portal OpenPACA. This portal, provided to communities in the PACA region, ensures better referencing of data and improved accessibility for the public.  

The town of Manosque’s Open Data action

In compliance with the obligation to create a public data directory, making the the Manosque municipality’s data accessible favours exchange between citizens in the town. Local and international companies and associations will benefit from the Open Data Manosque action, creating new possibilities to develop innovative services and value creation for the population.  

Data shared by the town of Manosque

From 2016, citizens, associations, and companies will be able to access the town’s public data on the OpenPACA portal. The user will be able to consult data sets, statistics, and deliberations in the published information.  

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