The user can submit a claim in the case of an accident on a public route due to a defective pavement or road, water damage, or accident due to work undertaken by the town. A claim must be submitted to the insurance company before taking this action.


Manosque’s public liability insurance

The town’s public liability insurance can only be engaged if an error has been made by one of the town’s departments or a fault in maintenance is proven. The town is obliged to exercise their best efforts, not to produce a specific result. Only the town’s insurer deals with the complaints and decides the levels of responsibility.  

User’s notice of claim

The notice of claim must be sent to the town of Manosque within 5 calendar days. By post or email, it must include the following documents:

  • a letter addressed to the mayor clearly describing the event,
  • if possible, photos of where the accident took place,
  • the quote or invoices for repairs,
  • the amount for medical care with supporting evidence,
  • possible witnesses.


Legal service

The department (Conseil Départemental de l’Accès au Droit des Alpes de Haute Provence) provides citizens with a lawyers as part of a legal service . This legal service is free and open on Monday from 9.00am to midday by appointment on 04 92 72 23 64. The town’s legal / insurance service deals exclusively with subjects within the scope of the competencies of the town of Manosque.  

Practical information

Legal / Insurance service Mairie de Manosque (town hall) Place de la Mairie BP 107 04100 Manosque Phone. 04 92 70 34 61 Fax. 04 92 70 35 18   Legal service Open from Monday, 9.00am to midday By appointment only Château de Drouille 04100 Manosque 04 92 72 23 64