The CCAS welfare service proposes financial assistance for meals served in the restaurant of the Office Manosquin des Personnes Agées (OMPA) or meals delivered by OMPA Repas for Manosque residents subject to a means test.

This allowance is reserved for retired and pre-retired Manosque residents in compliance with conditions des statuts de l’OMPA Non-accumulation of benefits applies to the Conseil Général legal aid, aid from other authorities, the Apa, and aid from the CCAS, or retirement fund for meals supplied by the OMPA. All resources are taken into account (main retirement pension, private retirement fund, maintenance allowance paid by a third-party, disabled pension, veteran pension, etc.)  

Applying for subsidy

The application form for financial aid for OMPA meals must be completed and lodges at the CCAS with the following supporting documents:

  • recent payment notices of retirement pensions (last quarter or tax notice or bank statements),
  • any other resources: maintenance allowance paid by a third party, rental income, occupational accident benefits, disabled pension, veterans pension (excluding housing benefits),
  • last tax notice (2015),
  • proof of address,
  • the CARSAT or other retirement fund action plan (if you have home help),
  • your Apa entitlement.


Restaurant meals €9.50Home-delivered meals €10


Maximum annual revenueCCAS beneficiaryParticipation of membersCCAS beneficiary

Participation of members


Aide sociale du Conseil départemental Single person €800 max. Couple €1,242 max.0⅓ of meal price0

⅓ of meal price


Monthly revenue for: single person between €801 and €1,200, couple between €1,243 and €1,480€4.80€4.70€4.70€5.30
CMonthly revenue for: single person between €1,201 and €1,452, couple between €1,480 and €1,924€4.30€5.20€4.50


Practical information

Maison de la Solidarité 16 boulevard Casimir Pelloutier 04100 Manosque 04 92 74 47 42 Monday to Friday: 8.30am to midday and 1.30pm to 5.00pm. Thursday: 10.30am to midday and 1.30pm to 5.00pm.  

Postal address:

Mairie de Manosque – CCAS Place de l’Hôtel de Ville -BP 107 04101 Manosque   Link: download form for application for subsidised meals