The ZPPAUP is governed by the Code du Patrimoine (heritage law).

It is a public service easement which combines the conservation and promotion of heritage with the town planning dynamic. It includes specific instructions regarding architecture and landscaping. Compliance with this urban planning document is obligatory. Any request for a building, works, or demolition permit in a ZPPAUP is subject to the decision of the national architectural authority, Architecte des Bâtiments de France (ABF) which applies these regulations. It includes several documents: the presentation report: this presents the town’s evolution throughout the centuries and identifies the heritage to be conserved in the territory. Download the presentation report The plans: show the protected zones Download map 1 Download map 1 Terms of the regulations: it determines the instructions applicable to the projects, planning and works according to the zone concerned. Download the terms of the regulations.  

Revision of the ZPPAUP

The revision of the ZPPAUP in the Aire de Mise en Valeur de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine (AVAP), an urban architecture and heritage regulation was ordered by deliberation on the 22nd October 2015. A register for consultation is available at the town planning office so that the population can record their observations or remarks. The documents associated with this procedure will be made available to the population progressively as they are created.  

Practical information

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