During school term time, some 900 children eat in the City of Manosque’s school canteens.

The City of Manosque has an ongoing commitment to provide pupils with good quality meals made from environmentally-friendly ingredients, that constitute a healthy diet for the children. Each week, the school canteens offer pupils three farm-to-fork products and once certified organic food item. The emphasis is on fresh raw vegetables from the vegetable suppliers, and home-made preparations. The minced beef we serve originates from France and our breaded fish is made from whole fillets. Logos are displayed on the menus so that the different items can be identified: organic, home made, direct from the vegetable suppliers etc.  

A dietician for the school canteens

The city’s dietician works closely with our meal provider to create menus for Manosque’s school canteens that take into account nutritional criteria and the children’s preferences. The menus are approved by the Menus Commission. The dietician is responsible for quality control and ensures that the meals meet the city’s standards and comply with current hygiene regulations.  

Food awareness events at the school canteens

All through the year, a great many events are put on for the children, organised by the dietician: a Flavour Week in October, a Fresh-Approach Week (fresh fruit and vegetables) in June, discovering cheeses, cereals, meals themed around countries or regions, etc. At Christmas and festival time, special meals are organised in the form of banquets with decorations and music for the children to enjoy, and they can dance and dress up. Details of the latest food awareness events are available in the canteens.  

How to register

You can register for the school canteen at the town hall in the Education Services department on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and registration for the next school year starts from May. You must re-register each year. To register your child (from the age of 3) for the canteen, parents must provide:

  • proof of occupation
  • proof of third-party liability and personal insurance
  • for children suffering from allergies, a medical certificate with details of the allergy
  • account number with CAF (family benefits service) or MSA (agricultural workers’ welfare association)

Registration for Manosque’s school canteens can be “permanent” (for the full year) or “semi-permanent”.  

School canteen fees

Upon receipt of the invoice, payment can be made in cash or by bank card to the Education Services or by cheque made out to the Trésor Public. In case of illness, refunds are made subject to conditions: a medical certificate must be provided from the fourth day of absence, and the school meals service must be informed from the first day of absence (04 90 70 34 93).   As a guideline, for the school year 2015-2016:

Monthly Resident in Manosque Not resident in Manosque
September 2015 €49.98 €68.85
October 2015 €29.40 €40.50
November 2015 €49.98 €68.85
December 2015 €32.34 €44.55
January 2016 €47.04 €64.80
February 2016 €26.46 €36.45
March 2016 €49.98 €68.85
April 2016 €26.46 €36.45
May 2016 €44.10 €60.75
June/July 2016 €58.80 €81
“Semi-permanent” meals €3.47 per meal for between 1 and 3 days per week €4.46 per meal for between 1 and 3 days per week


Useful information

Education Services Hôtel de Ville 04100 Manosque 04 92 70 34 89 mcanton@ville-manosque.fr www.ville-manosque.fr https://goo.gl/maps/zUuogLwSzuH2