The local advertising regulations (LRP) (+ link to document) were approved by the municipal council on 20 April 2000, and set out the standards governing the installation of advertisements, signs and posters in the public areas of the city of Manosque, whilst preserving the safety of road users.

In conformity with the recommendations of the Luberon Regional Nature Park (+link to Luberon Regional Nature Park charter), this document ensures the preservation of the quality of life of local residents and the environment. The local regulations on advertising can be consulted online and at Manosque town hall.

New local advertising regulations for Manosque

The local regulations currently in force to govern the display of advertisements, are being revised. This document will take into account the town’s evolution with the creation of new enterprise zones and new districts. It will ensure that the landscape is protected whilst maintaining a good presence of advertisements; that the visual impact of signs is lessened; and that the emphasis is on high quality advertising signage that does not affect visibility for road users. The proposal to revise the local advertising regulations was adopted by the municipal council on 28 January 2016 with a summing up of the discussions (proceeding no.16 .01.01). Approval of the future local advertising regulations could be confirmed during 2016.  

Installation of an advertisement, sign or poster

The installation of any form of business, corporate or commercial advertising requires prior notification to, or permission from, the mayor of Manosque. Applications for prior permission for advertising displays can be sent by registered mail requiring confirmation of receipt or submitted at Manosque town hall in exchange for a dated receipt. They are passed on, for information, to the Architect at Bâtiments de France. A municipal decree (of approval or refusal) will be issued within the two months following submission of the application.

  • Application form for prior approval for a device or structure to display an advertisement, poster or sign – CERFA n° 14798*01.
  • Application form to give prior notification for a device or structure to display an advertisement or sign – CERFA n° 14799*01.


Local tax on outdoor advertising

In accordance with French law no.2008-776, la Local tax on outdoor advertising (TLPE) replaces the tax on illuminated posters, advertisements and signs (TSA), the tax on advertising hoardings (TSE) and the tax on promotional vehicles. The local tax on outdoor advertising covers all fixed advertising displays visible from any road open to public traffic. It was adopted in Manosque under the municipal council’s proceedingno.10.06.21 of 24 June 2010. The local advertising tax (TLPE) is payable to the commune and the amount is determined according to the surface area and dimensions. An unsolicited annual declaration, using the form initial TLPE declaration, of existing advertising displays must be sent to the Mayor before 1st March each year.

  • Initial TLPE declaration
  • Movement of TLPE displays


Useful information

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