A breath of fresh air just a stone’s throw from the town…

Over the course of time, the meandering Durance river has sometimes created pools of water, still here now, much to the delight or local and visiting anglers. La Forestière lake is one of these oases; a peaceful retreat in summer but also a meeting place for those who enjoy fishing for carp, white fish and predatory fish.

Situated 5 minutes from the A51 motorway exit, the 9 hectares of la Forestière, located on a 23 hectare site, have the advantage of being directly accessible by road.

Owned by the town of Manosque, La Forestière is fed by alluvial groundwater and the La Forestière stream, via overflows from the Vannades, giving it very high water quatity.

From an aerial view, it looks like a heart and it is doubtless not by chance that its islands and sheltered banks give it such a pastoral feel.



  • Perfect for family walks
  • Fish in complete peace
  • Take advantage of the Laurons wetlands
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