Enjoy this microcosm of Provence…

Discover the Centre for Biodiversity managed by Luberon National Park. This site, a concentrated representation of Provence, offers an original and educational walk beside water, among the extraordinary diversity of cultivated plants, including notably an orchard of over 400 varieties of fruit trees, right in the heart of the Manosque hills.

A permanent exhibition on fruit domestication and 8 terraced gardens at the foot of a beautiful Provençale bastide will help you to understand man’s efforts over the last thousand years to adapt wild fruit varieties to our soils and increase the fruit produced.

You will be guided beside the water: from the garden with a running stream to the rock garden, via the rose garden, the garden featuring palms and arboriculture uses, the vegetable garden with long forgotten varieties, the flowering prairie terrace.

Enjoy also looking at an original water capture system   (water mine), temporary exhibitions and all the amenities (picnic area…).


Maison de la Biodiversité …

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