The black truffle, called the Périgord truffle, with its incomparable fragrance and taste, grows here with us in Provence! In fact, despite its name, 80% grow here. Specialists call it Tuber melanosporum and Provençal locals “la Rabasse.”

In the past, truffles in our department were mainly found in the County of Forcalquier and around Montaggnac (Verdon). A very large market used to be held in this village. Local truffles were sent to most European capital cities. At that time, only sows were used to search for truffles. Today, dogs have replaced them in most cases.

Nowadays, our department still produces the famous black truffle, known as the ” Périgord truffle.” It is harvested from mid-November to mid-March. Dark brown in colour, it has a rounded, or even slightly uneven, shape. Its flesh is purplish-black when ripe. It has thin, well defined branching veins; It gives off a smell of dried mushrooms, humus and damp undergrowth. In the mouth it is both soft and crunchy: firstly spicy with a slight taste of black radish, followed by a hazelnut flavour with a hint of woody humus.

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