Mont d’Or tower

A symbol of Manosque, the Mont d’Or tower is all that remains of the castle. Over the centuries the castle was neglecled and fell into ruins. Today, all that remains is a section of wall of one of the castle’s towers.

tour_du_mont_dor_1Since the time of the Celts and the Gauls, there has always been a lookout point at the top of this hill.
Around 900 AD the Saracens attacked and the Manosquins left the town (the current historical centre) to settle in 5 small hamlets in the hills.

In 974, William, son of the Earl of Arles freed the Provence region from the Saracens. The County of Provence was established. William, known as “the liberator,” had the castle built on the Mont d’Or as his winter residence. A veritable fortified village was established on the Mont d’Or.
Very gradually, the inhabitants returned to the town.

The tower, remnants of which still remain, had its four walls until the beginning of the 19th century.
Around 1943 there were just two sections of wall. During the war, it is thought that the Italians used a section of the wall to build a shelter.

Mont d’Or hill

To the north-east, overlooking the town of Manosque, the Mont d’Or hill offers wonderful panoramic views of the pear-shaped old town with its weathered roofs, the canal, lined with crops and orchards, running parallel with the Durance river. Vast horizons extend across the Luberon, Sainte-Victoire peak, Sainte-Baume, Haut-Var, Mount Aiguines overlooking the Verdon Gorges, the first peaks of the Alps.

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