Discover “Le Paraïs,” home to a family and a writer where Jean Giono is present throughout.


le paraisHome to a family and a writer, “Le Paraïs” is not a museum but a living house combining real life and fantasy.

In 1929, Jean Giono bought a small house in the area known as “Lou Paraïs,” on the southern slopes of Mont d’Or above Manosque. He modified and extended the house where he wrote most of his works, living a simple life with his wife, Elise and his daughters Aline and Sylvie.

He received his readers and admirers there, and put up some of his family and friends, among them Lucien Jacques, who decorated the house with a number of frescoes.

Jean Giono moved his study from one room to the next throughout most of the house. Over the years, he built up a library of several thousand books which reflect his literary tastes, his intellectual curiosity and his extensive culture.

These days the “Friends of Jean Giono” society, set up in 1972 by Henri Fluchère et Aline Giono, keeps his memory alive in the place where he wrote.

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